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ORE063 – あいり 18歳 女子校生

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あいり 18歳 女子校生

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Girl In Black Glasses With Long White Hair Wrapped Around Her Head Stock Image


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All this is simply motivation to keep working out though. Yet another excuse I even have no real interest in Western women anymore.


The epiphany part can be very interesting. That’s the phase where ladies begin to fear and query their past. For most girls this can be a section the place they abruptly become born again Christians, need to get married, confide in the thought of getting kids, land down a beta man and so forth. And they’ve huge competitors anxiousness which for instance can be noticed when they disapprove of men their age dating youthful ladies. It’s a form of jealousy combined with nervousness.


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Guys are saying NO and now simply need to be part of the “sport”. You are a big blame machine for saying that guys are so evil for gaming women to have intercourse with them. Seriously, if girls weren’t passing their vaginas around like a peanut bowl at a bar, then men would worth them extra.


Smart Girl With Glasses


  • I only knew the fats/mom version of her, till in the future she introduced in a photo from her wedding day and put it on her desk.
  • For ladies, gays are the conquest of the mother over the individuation strategy of the son…they only can’t bear the thought of their sons leaving them to bang/ marry another girl.
  • Gay mens life expectancy is 20 years lower than straight, i.e they die around the identical age as their mothers.
  • In households with a number of boys, if one grows up gay, its practically all the time the best trying one.
  • Female narcissicism is the reason for male homosexuality.


Feminism seeks privilege by gender. Women and men usually are not the identical regardless if you’re a Bible thumper or a rabid Darwinist. No rational system of human thought considers women and men to be the same. Feminism itself promotes ” substantive equality” where women and men have to be handled in another way so they can be handled the identical. On the latter level, I even have a top 1% IQ and a legislation degree so I truly perceive what they are getting at, however to the average bloke it’s nonetheless complete bullshit.


Basically none have all these qualities. I’ve seen #four, the hot monitor star chick so many instances. It’s a god damned shame what happened to her.


Double commonplace implies that men and women are the sane, which is clearly not the case. The “cause” for the dichotomy is feminism. That is the evolving theme in what Roosh has been writing about lately. I wasn’t together with all girls just the ones that stir you physically. SOME ladies have good bodies, intelligence, a persona, and a face of an angel that may soften a glacier.

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