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n0953 – Double Innocent Girls

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Are Black Girls Too Loyal?


However, when black men really feel they don’t seem to be appreciated, they may look for that appreciation elsewhere. Oh boy….here we go – the poor harmless black woman is being attacked by everybody – but but she has no part in her personal demise by continuing to accept and make excuses for hoodrat behavior. The black girl has been falling for the okie done for years now – first by the white man and his welfare handouts within the 60s and now by this feminist recruitment by white ladies to overthrow their own males in energy. Y’all are a sizzling mess and you will never study since you keep making excuses and taking zero accountability in your personal state of affairs. This is a extremely racist article that’s actually promoting segregation.


Sex At 15


The gift we might give ourselves as black ladies is the reward of vulnerability. It’s onerous because there’s this manner we now have to present or symbolize.


White Professor Admits She’S Been Pretending To Be Black Her Entire Professional Career


If you don’t like it, stay out of the fucking form. I love and appreciate all women of any race. I am not an expert on black historical past; nonetheless, this goes again a good distance.


This has permeated all through time and is systemic in our race right now. This has triggered our black women to lose confidence and become hardened to black males. All to say, this was attributable to design and can more than likely proceed for years to come back. So, the blending of races is a natural response to what introduced us to their level. There is nothing wrong with loving others outside your race.


Have you not learn the numerous feedback above addressing this? Stop the fucking gaslighting and attempting to make this solely a relationship problem.


Also Read: This Woman And Her Boyfriend Were Arrested For Showing Her Minor Niece Pornography It’S Digusting.


  • This is most disgusting feedback section iv ever witnessed in my life i really hope this isnt black girls saying these things about their very own men trigger i would dessert them in a heart beat if that had been so.
  • MAYBE… when you haven’t gave your shit away to a thousand niggas already.
  • some of these feedback borderline white supremacist ideology.


Our group won’t get well from this, so it must be erased. Animals who act out of character need to be euthanized. By the best way, we are going to proceed to speak so long as we goddamn please. If you don’t prefer it, keep out of the fucking forum.


“Black men should only date black women” YOU are the racist. Perhaps the historical framing of white women as docile and weak versus black women as strong and overpowering drives black men to turn a blind eye when white women disrespect black culture and black women.


This is about your hypocrisy, your disrespect and self-hatred, your gaslighting, your bullying of girls who seem like your mothers, your sister, your aunts. You all pure evil, a disgrace to your community and can by no means be trusted.


Exempt White Women And The Women They Try But Fail To Muster


You all know what the fuck this is about. This is about you all saying you don’t care about black girls however yet having entire YouTube channels dedicated to spewing hate in direction of black girls. This is about your hypocrisy, your disrespect, your self-hatred, your gaslighting, your bullying of ladies who seem like your mothers, your sisters, your aunts. You can attempt to disguise behind Becky and Maria all you want and throw stones but what Maria and Becky can’t defend you from are these abortions. You all are pure evil, a disgrace to your community and might never be trusted.


Many of us are making these spaces, however I keep thinking about Alice Walker and The Color Purple or I take into consideration Zora Neale Hurston and her intention and have to make these spaces for advanced range inside being a black individual, for black humanity. There’s a lot work we’ve needed to do, once we are projecting ourselves or shaping ourselves into the cultural milieu. The way they typed us type of has us prove that we’re worthy.


Billie Eilish Fans Call Out Twitter User For Sexualizing The Underage Singer


As a race, we’re actually divided and it was a byproduct of slavery. It is not any secret that black males were taken from the household, beaten and witnessed by black ladies and black children. This sent a message that we couldn’t protect their ladies and households.

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