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n0608 – Love Cock After All

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A Lesbian Has Her First One Night Stand With A Woman In “Girl Night Stand”


Believe it or not, she received off gentle due to her sex. Well, there are geriatric sexual predators. Go search for Albert Fish for a particularly horrifying and murderous one. You would suppose the states would have a statute of limitations relating to intercourse registries. Actually the best way the law works is an intoxicated particular person can NOT give consent for sex and so it’s classified as rape in contrast to DWI the place we hold you accountable when you get drunk and drive.


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SHe was drunk, therefore might NOT consent to intercourse. The 14 year old BOY might be charged with RAPE. Since tpeople underneath the influence can NOT give consent. since she couldn’t LEGALLY consent to intercourse. There is quite straightforward issues to do in order to keep away from being pregnant or contracting STD when having sexual activity.


Whereas with the ages reversed, the male has a pronounced and nigh-unassailable size and weight advantage. Any bodily disparity can pretty be taken into account when one is determining whether or not intimidation occurred. And I’d be willing to guess that the boy in this case was visibly as sturdy or stronger than the lady. Whereas an AVERAGE 14-yr-old girl is prone to be bodily intimidated by a 19-yr-old boy.


Individual instances ought to be investigated individually, and not prejudged. Men and women ought to be treated equally beneath the legislation. Reverse the sexes, and the man will get 5 years within the slammer plus lifetime on the registry.


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A 14 yr old by regulation is NOT capable of giving consent so sex with a 19 yr old is sex without consent on his part and as such rape. Those advocating the “Lucky Stud” excuse, would you are feeling the same if it was a 14 year old male and a 19 year old male? And if the roles were reversed do you think she would have gotten more or less punishment than a male given the “female impunity” we give to females in sentencing. It is a simple fact that the law must be modified in these no consent as a result of age instances.


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It’s the guvmint, you want equality, justice, and customary sense? If two adults are drunk and have sex we cost the male, more of that “guvmint equality” factor. You know, appear pigs are more equal than others.


A jury can pretty take that under consideration. The authentic point of this thread was that girls get off lighter than men when charged with the identical crimes, and behold! A couple of guys show up to argue that that’s appropriately.


This in a nutshell is how screwed up our system is. That 14 year old could be tried as an grownup because of the rape as a result of he is “old enough to know proper from mistaken”, but within the subsequent breath he is “protected” from the boogie man that is intercourse.


A Lesbian Has Her First One Night Stand With A Woman In “Girl Night Stand”


Two 14 yr olds can neither give or get consent so it shouldn’t be charged as an grownup crime, although I am positive I can discover circumstances where underage males are charged for acts between two underage couples. It would be incredibly creepy to me for my dad to wish to excessive five me for having sex.

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