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n0552 – Absorb Womb

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I might see their auras, one blue with tinges of gold and orange and the other fiery purple with bursts of orange and yellow. They were lovely and I sang to them every time, comforted them, for they feared returning to this world, and promised them all the love and care I might provide. I broke that promise unwillingly and my heart bleeds bits begging for forgiveness. This 90-second video clip from 2009 has no sound, so we can not gauge the atmosphere.


Perhaps they are being punished for arriving late. All the scholars seen being disciplined are girls, but there are also boys within the class. Afterwards a lot of them are clutching or rubbing their buttocks, including no less than one boy, so he must have been caned when the digital camera was wanting elsewhere. Some of the scholars are Muslims, so that is maybe southern Thailand. Elementary school pupils in formal uniform sitting on table.


Shocking Footage Of Two Schoolgirls Fighting On The Beach


Small kids having fun with college break time. I did not know this about myself until I was 27 years old and I had to undergo comprehensive testing to begin the miraculous preparation for childbirth. I dreamed of five, two a set of twins, three boys and two girls in total. I saw my first two before they were even conceived. I should have known then that their carrier, my partner at the time, the woman who would become my wife, would only attempt to damage me for the remainder of my life.


Ten Video Clips Of Real Schoolgirl Corporal Punishment In Thailand


  • This takes place in a solemn atmosphere with no classroom noises heard.
  • After the stroke lands, the student clutches her buttocks in ache and there’s a very slight gasp, just barely audible if you flip the quantity up.
  • Each receives two not-very-severe strokes across the seat of the uniform skirt with a slim paddle or giant ruler.
  • The proper stroke is preceded by a number of “aiming” taps by the schoolmaster.


This two-minute clip shows 5 secondary girls receiving three strokes of the cane every on the seat of their uniform skirts from their woman teacher. The ambiance is jocular, verging on hysterical, with much rubbing of buttocks. There is a few facial response as the punished college students return to their seats, and a few rubbing of buttocks. The implement used appears to be an extended, proper whippy punishment rattan, giving a loud report on impression. The position adopted is the everyday Thai certainly one of standing up straight with arms folded.


Little schoolgirls talking at school classroom. Small children having fun with school break time.Getting prepared for back to high school.


She was livid when I advised her that I had seen them, and many occasions. She was always present, however behind the extra active and boisterous one. They had been each dancers and the smaller one played a drum for her twin to bop its coronary heart out. I did not know their sexes, but I longed for a boy and a lady.


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It shows a couple of boys after which a number of ladies putting their hands on the desk to receive two strokes of the cane on the seat from their girl teacher. At the end of the clip, one of the caned women is leaping round in pain and vigorously rubbing her buttocks. The stick appears to be wielded with some pressure and without very a lot care; certainly, in Western cultural phrases this treatment might be considered verging on the brutal.


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