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n0521 – Sexual Caster

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He advised me I may both let him gun me down or it will be worse then the primary time. He then advised me to observe him to his room. I adopted him to his room and tried to talk him out of doing this to me. At this time Sgt. D and c/o White got here into the block and noticed me in R.S.’s room.


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I was snatched right into a cell and raped by two, while the third stored watch for the gaurd and held a homemade knife to my throat. I’ve fully exhausted my grievance procedures. My grievance came again to me stating that my denial of protective custody was not a grievable declare. I had just gotten nearly killed yet I dont have a declare to protective custody. Ive been compelled to give up my cash, my self-worth, I’ve been raped, I’ve been beat up quite a few occasions, had my ribs damaged, yet I still don’t have a claim to protecting custody!


He said that with all the proof from the rape kit another inmate’s testament and E.W.’s prior report we might have received with no problem. what happen to me was as a result of I am a Homosexual I have a Husband in the free world on the opposite side of the Prison fence I did not need to do something whereas I am in jail. Well there was four black inmate and 2 white inmates that raped me the Guards did nothing as a result of I am a Homosexual. lots of instances when it’s reported to Guards will over look it because they factor the inmate is simply have a little problem with the one they are tied or married with. when a Report is done they lock up the inmate who did what ever he did for about 30 at the most and let him back out of the hold.


He then penetrated me and when he completed he advised me if I mentioned something he would kill me. He then left my room and his associate R.S. He advised me to close up earlier than he hit me and gave me something to cry about. told me he come into my room to do the same factor however changed his mind.


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On March thirteen, 1994 I was sexually assaulted by E.W. old at the time and a non-violent inmate . The way the crime took place is that I was within the bed asleep when the floor officer left his publish.


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I ended up letting him penetrate me anally. After this, I would feign sleep at night when he’d are available in. But, there have been several extra times he compelled me to perform sexually . Luckily, we were separated when he requested to move in with a pal. Therefore, I had to endure no extra abuse.


  • I was shipped to the Mark W. Stiles unit.
  • I refused to go to my housing task due to I was being put again right into a life threatening condition.
  • I was sexually assaulted by 4 inmates .
  • I was shipped to another unit from Colfield unit on July 14, 1995.
  • I was housed in closed custody the place I was the only white inmate on my wing out of 48 inmates!


had my door opened by the officer in the booth. He got here into my room and put a knife to my throat and advised me if I moved he would kill me. He then pulled the blanket off of me and told me to fall over onto my stomach. He then pulled my undershorts down and squirted somekind of petroleum greese into my rectom.


They took me to the Sgt.’s workplace to search out out what was going on. I informed them what had occurred and so they arranged for me to be taken to the hospital. At the hospital they done a rape package and costs had been filed against E.W. told me he had to dismiss charges towards Mr. W. as a result of he tousled on his paper work.


I by no means went to the authorities, as I was too frightened of the consequences from another inmate. I already had enough problems, so didn’t want to add to them by taking on the jail identification as a “rat” or “snitch.” I already feared for my life. If the reality be identified, it shames me to even discuss of this. I concern it locations a stigma on me of being homosexual or being an “easy target” for others.


Maybe after I am useless they’ll say I should have been positioned into protecting custody. Eventually, I ended up with a roommate who took advantage of my situation.


I knew he was fairly sexually energetic, so to speak, as he had female pornography within the room in addition to masturbating frequently to it. But, I was surprised he would come on to me. However, I felt very a lot in danger if I didn’t give in to him.


But, on the similar time, he let me know he could fairly capably beat me up, if he wanted. One evening, after we have been all locked down for the night, he told me he may help me overcome my sexual inhibitions, if I would let him.

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