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n0074 – Erotic police lady

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Japanese Lesbian Schoolgirl And Milf Teacher


Black, White & Stylish Brights


In a Korean high school in 2007, a feminine pupil is summoned to the entrance of the class to be caned for being rude and mendacity. She is reluctant to return forward and seems to be challenging the teacher, maybe denying guilt, but he insists.


I gave Jenny Woods her six strokes with the junior cane first. Her attitude was overwhelmed out of her apparently after the first stroke.


Shocking Footage Of Two Schoolgirls Fighting On The Beach


A 30-second video scene, also from 2009 or earlier, exhibiting four schoolgirls who’ve evidently been referred to as out to the entrance of the class to be paddled. Each in flip stands dealing with the blackboard and receives 5 swats from their female instructor on the seat of the uniform skirt. In this 3-minute clip from 2009 , secondary-faculty pupils are being punished for, it’s stated, low take a look at scores. Each of three women comes ahead to be disciplined at the blackboard by the male instructor, who keeps consulting his results sheet.


She involves the desk and is given five strokes of the cane on the seat of her skirt. She remains standing up for this, somewhat than being made to adopt the push-up posture which is extra traditional in Korean faculty caning. There is nothing jocular about this episode, though the strokes are not particularly onerous. The girl holds her backside on the end of the punishment.


  • The ambiance in the room is jocular.
  • This news item from SBS TV in March 2006 reviews on extreme caning in a ladies’ boarding college in Busan, with a group of teenagers partly lifting up their skirts to point out the outcomes.
  • The punishment seems by Western requirements to have been way over the top.


Catherine Deneuve


The ladies are lined up in a row and have been made to undertake a “push-up” position while a man goes along the line, whacking each girl on her bottom several times with a stick. According to one source, 40 high-school girls were thus punished altogether, for not participating in Teacher’s Day.


The cane is applied to the seat of the skirt. The first scholar makes an incredible fuss, jumping about, yelling and clutching her behind after each stroke, of which she gets about six in all.


She might be “taking part in to the gallery”, because the caning does not look like all that hard. The second student makes rather much less fuss over her eight strokes, however there’s still a lot rubbing of buttocks. The third lady is exemplary, marching up to the blackboard and taking eight brisk strokes calmly and without demur. The two girls had been now bent over my desk, aspect by aspect.


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