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k1298 – Go Hunting!— Nana Satonaka

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The Real Reason White Women Are With Black Men


Black Vs White Girl Fig ..


Read these bible verses if it nonsence and present me within the bible you can again up what you say about are individuals you cant.and i will present you much more verses. You have all the weapons of mass destruction and have colonies all over the world it is not your world and there may be one grasp being and that is god not the white race. The bible is historical past nice guys finish last blacks are the worst of most weapons black have come from america and russia. Nonsence your a lier like your sort the bible say you walk with slander if what you say is true present verses within the bible to back your case. Sticky fingers you bought alot of nerves your people rule this planet by stealing you have sticky fingers you lier.


Suicide Girls Galore


So he would be a dugitive and a vagabond. White individuals conquers and nonetheless from others we are adam and god gave every man his personal land. Whites have always stole even in roman instances they cruxify jesus he was not white. Lucifer rules in excessive places and that who whites serve in there fraternity and music and each walk of there society for this reason you right here hate out of there mouth.


And what l say is a fact nazi l went to highschool with whites your music is satanic and your individuals have at all times been in to it. Symbols on you goverment and police mason you serve evil forces and black individuals can learn. Read your bible l main in history and all historic cultures fortold what your persons are doing. You are a racist go back to your cave and screw your dog.


You Will Be Told “It’S No Big Deal”


  • It’s not that she thinks you’re like KKK Nazi racist or something but she may be of the idea that if you grew up in America you’re doubtless affected by the racism right here.
  • It’ll even be an opportunity for you to probably verify a few of your white friend’s white privilege if you determine to take action.
  • Over time as you relate to this black lady you’ll begin to see race and racism everywhere.
  • This, my white brother, is how the world will start to heal btw.
  • The black lady you want to courtroom might imagine you’re racist or biased or have prejudices.


White have at all times been the enemy of blacks. God put a mark on cain want was his shade its a negative name someone who hates others.


White Girl Vs Black Girl


And by the tip of this age they plan to exterminate most of this planet behind the8 ball play pool and browse your bible. America just isn’t a christian nation it’s a satanic one. Whites serve demons kkk nazis hitler cesar napolian want l say extra your hole history. So take this racist trash off thats all it is. Two black young men assaulted a down-and-out white woman – and videotaped the attack.


Whtie Girl Knocksout Black Guy


Isaiah18 we’re on the montain high with the lord not you jeremiah7 verse22 to 30 you’re the north individuals and are merciless. And all your ancestors had sticky fingers they were big time thieves and you are the identical nazi boy. How many indians you mass homicide and french historians say over one hundred million blacks murder.

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