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k0577 – Go Hunting! — Miki Hamasaki

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Watch The Amazing World Of Gumball Season Eight

List Of The Amazing World Of Gumball Characters

When angry, she has the flexibility to develop into a full storm cloud able to inflicting huge quantities of injury. The episode “The Storm” reveals her unrequited crush on Alan, and she manipulates Gumball into getting the two collectively, albeit briefly. Tobias Wilson (voiced by Rupert Degas, season 1; Hugo Harrison, season 2 onward) is a multicolored, cloud-shaped humanoid who’s closely interested in sports and possesses an overbearing self-confidence. He thinks of himself as a closely built jock, regardless of truly being rather weak, and seems to be fairly wealthy.

Darwin’S Yearbook

Despite all that, Nicole is still a good mom and person, and she still loves her family very much, especially her son, Gumball. Much of her points stem from her hard pushing dad and mom who gave her the primary name Doctor within the hopes that she’s going to become one in a while in life. The Watterson family, depicted inside a Photobooth; From Left to Right, we see Gumball, Richard, Nicole, Darwin, and Anais.

He is Penny’s cousin, and Gumball’s mistaken assumption that he is her boyfriend is his major source of jealousy in the episode “The Flower”. Masami Yoshida is a dwelling cloud who is the wealthy daughter of the Rainbow Factory’s owner.

The Amazing World Of Gumball: The Agent

  • Such adjustments embrace character redesigns, a rise in using VFX, larger high quality animation, and a shift in direction of a much darker, extra satirical comedic style.
  • Gaylord and Margaret Robinson (Mr. Robinson voiced by Stefan Ashton Frank and Mrs. Robinson voiced by Teresa Gallagher) are the Wattersons’ caught-up, grouchy, 55-yr-old next door neighbors, and Rocky’s dad and mom.
  • In later episodes, he warms up to them considerably and treats them better, though they still irritate him.
  • Mr. Robinson deeply despises Gumball and Darwin in Season 1 and “The Sale” for annoying him on a regular basis; the boys, nonetheless, look up to him as their idol.
  • The movie was initially meant because the sequence finale, however Cartoon Network ordered more episodes of the series after the movie’s success, so Bocquelet resigned as Showrunner, with Graves taking Bocquelet’s Place.

In “The Ex,” Rob makes Banana Joe his nemesis instead of Gumball, making Gumball sad. During the episode, Rob attempts multiple times to kill Joe, however is at all times thwarted by Gumball. In the end, Rob returns to hating Gumball, with Banana Joe watching as Rob strangles the latter. In “The Bus,” Darwin, alongside the rest of the kids, was shocked about studying of Rob’s plan to explode the bus. Throughout the episode, Rob is extra targeted on killing Gumball than Darwin, though he admits that his plan was as a result of Gumball and Darwin had been each his “nemesis.”

He may be very childlike and lazy and is not a great role mannequin for his children either. However, Richard genuinely loves his household, and has good intentions, regardless of his severe lack of intelligence and maturity as seen particularly in “The Prank” and “The Authority.” Unfortunately, Nicole also suffers from a tremendous quantity of emotional stress due to her many duties, and as such, is quite strict and demanding every time upset. In fact, on one occasion, Gumball decides it would be simpler to face Tina than an angry Nicole.

Nicole Watterson

He makes his debut look in “The Third”, where Gumball and Darwin pay him twenty dollars to become their pal. In “The Knights”, Tobias holds a mock medieval battle with Gumball for the love of Penny. Despite this, he has been seen hanging out with Gumball and Darwin on several occasions, together with having a starring position in one of the duo’s home movies. He has an older sister, Rachel , who considers herself of upper status than Tobias and his “dweeb loser child friends”. Richard is the father determine in the Watterson household however would not appear to own any accountability or frequent sense.

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